• Partial Knee Joint Replacement OperationYour examination may include the following questions and items of information:

    Do you suffer from cardiovascular problems or high blood pressure? If so, are your medications well regulated? The nursing staff will measure them and possibly conduct an ECG.

    Are you prone to infection? If you suffer from diabetes, how well does your therapy work? A blood sample may be taken before the operation to clarify these questions.

    Your weight has an influence on the success of the operation. Are you over- weight? You may be offered a session with a nutritionist.

    Smoking is a general risk factor – you might like to take the operation as an opportunity to quit. Smoker counselling is available in the hospital.

    Do you take anticoagulant or platelet inhibiting drugs (Aspirin® or Warfarin)? If so, they will be stopped prior to the operation and, if necessary, you will receive a substitute by injection.

    The anaesthetist will inform you about the best form of anaesthesia for you.

    You will always have the opportunity to pose your own questions to the operating surgeon or to a ward physician.


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