• sportsWe recommend physical exercise, as it improves the quality of your social and physical life and prevents illness.

    Aspire to good mobility and increased muscle strength following the insertion of your partial knee replacement. Well-developed thigh muscles stabilise the knee joint considerably.

    It is important that you increase your physical load appropriately and that you take pain seriously: as a warning sign. It is generally accepted that a lack of exercise has a negative influence on a partial knee replacement.

    Perhaps you were already involved in sports activities before the operation. If so, your physician can tell you whether you should continue with them now that you have a partial knee replacement. It is generally advisable to abstain from sports which place inordinate stress on joints, or which pose a high risk of in- jury (such as football, martial arts and skiing)

    Your safety is the top priority! Joint injuries and fractures in people who have an implant often have serious consequences. Train your- self to move somewhat more slowly and prepare for a gentler sequence of movements. You may still do Nordic walking and gymnastics, go bowling, golfing, biking etc., and play team sports, but with restrictions. In case of doubt, please ask your specialist or the ope- rating clinic.

    Always keep in mind that your new freedom from pain can quickly lead to an overload!

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