• Knee Replacement Operation, Risks and complicationsStrictly speaking, every operation involves both general and specific risks.

    The surgical team always endeavours to treat you in the best possible way and to avoid any complication. The best possible state of health helps to reduce the risks.

    The general risks include:

    • The formation of a leg-vein thrombosis (vascular occlusion by a blood clot)
    • The formation of a pulmonary embolism (partial or complete occlusion of a pulmonary vessel by a blood clot)
    • Infections
    • In rare cases, injury to blood vessels or nerves

    The administration of blood-thinning drugs (such as Heparin) reduces the risk of a leg-vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism.

    Risks specific to a knee operation are adhesions and joint stiffness, which can occur if the knee is not moved sufficiently in the days immediately following the operation. Intensive physiotherapy helps to prevent this.

    Please inform your surgeon or hospital immediately if you experience any new onset of pain in the area of the operation, there is any swelling, the wound is not healing properly, there is any discharge of fluid from the scar or you have an unexplained fever.


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