• Prior to hosptialYou can prepare your home optimally for the time after the operation:

    • Remove rugs and mats, obtrusive cables and any other objects on which the crut-ches might get caught or which could cause you to slip.
    • Place objects you use daily (tableware, clothes, drugs etc.) at a reachable height.
    • Place various aids in the bathroom: handholds, a non-skid shower mat, increase the height of your toilet seat if necessary.
    • Place an electric torch close to your bed, if you cannot activate the light switch from there. This will prevent you from tripping over things when you have to get up at night.
    • Prepare your food by deep-freezing it so  that you need only heat it up later. You can save yourself a lot of kitchen work in the first days.

    You will be examined thoroughly before the operation. This will help to identify any possible risks early on and allow medical staff to take the necessary prophylactic measures. Your doctor will inform you about drugs and anaesthetics.



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