• How does arthritis occurThe complex process of the formation of arthritis has yet to be clarified. Orthopaedic surgeons are able to treat the symptoms, but preventing the causes of the disease is not always possible.

    It is known that factors such as overweight or inappropriate straining of the joint, due for instance to a congenital malposition or frequent bearing of heavy loads, favour the formation of arthritis.  Those people who constantly and excessively overstrain their joints (such as competitive athletes) or who suffer from injuries involving damage to the joint, are particularly at risk.

    Especially in the knee, the shape and the alignment of the bones must be correct.  Changes in the shape or alignment of the musculature or in the ligamentous apparatus will tend to give rise to arthritis.  In principle, any disease of the articular cartilage, the synovial membrane or the synovial fluid can lead to arthritis.

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