• Partial Knee Replacement, After the operationAfter your operation you will be transferred to the recovery ward and once you are fully awake, you will return to the ward where you will have an x-ray to check the position of the knee replacement.

    The day following your surgery, the physiotherapist will help you to start walking with the help of crutches or a walking frame. You will be able to go home two days after your surgery unless there is a medical reason for you to stay longer.

    If you have any worries or queries while you are in the hospital, ask a member of the healthcare team who will be able to offer re- assurance or treat any complication you may have.

    Abide by the following precautionary measures in order not to put the healing process at risk:

    Do not carry excessively heavy objects! A rucksack for a better load distribution is recommended particularly during the period in which you are using crutches.

    Long periods standing, excessive stair- climbing and long walks put increased strain on your knee – keep such activities to a reasonable minimum.

    Do not cross your legs when sitting.

    Avoid heavy physical work as well as risky situations (climbing a ladder etc.).

    Do not kneel down in the first month!

    Good shoes protect the joint from overload and keep you safe.


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