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We will answer basic questions, explain the principle of the implantation of a partial knee joint as well as the procedure, and relieve you of any misgivings or fears you may have.

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Please note that this information cannot replace a conversation with a specialist.

You are most likely reading this page because your consultant has already diagnosed osteoarthritis affecting part of the knee in you or in someone close to you. 

We are sure that your doctor has prescribed other methods of treatment, such as drugs, physiotherapy or remedial exercise.  Such treatment methods rarely have a long term lasting effect when a part of the joint is severely damaged by arthritis.

Pain, especially chronic pain, can become a major problem and may restrict both quality of life and mobility.  When part of the knee is severely damaged it is often the case that only a partial or in some cases a complete knee replacement can bring relief.  After such an operation nearly all patients completely recover their lost mobility, their freedom from pain and thus their quality of life.

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